Saturday, December 29, 2007

My New Cousin!

Here's a picture of me in the waiting room at the hospital. We were gonna go see my new cousin, but I had to stop at urgent care because I was a sick baby.
Here I am, looking all sad. I had been up for two nights! I can't breathe, my nose is all stuffy, and mom and dad are TERRIBLE at sucking the snot out of my nose. I sound terrible. Plus, because I'm all stuffy, I can't nurse well. So mom freaked out (again....I'm detecting a theme here) and took me into the walk in clinic. There were 6 other little babies there, so apparently we have the same bug.
She how fast mom turns on me? There she is holding Joseph Daniel while Ivy holds me. I'm not happy about mom going after the new baby! He was 8lbs 5oz and 18" long. I have decided to nickname him "Ball" because that's what he looks like. Uncle David said Meredith had a hard time, and that Joseph was 8 pounds and a big baby. Mom said "Try 9 pounds..."
Who's missing in this picture? That's right....Me...Thomas! Mom made me stay away from the baby because of my sniffles....but the other boys got to go by him. Oh well, that's ok....maybe his baldness is contagious :)
Here's a picture of daddy holding Joseph. Mom and dad kept saying how little he was. I can't wait to get better so I can hang out with him and teach him how to smile and fart loud.
Even though mom was hoping for Joseph to be born on December 28th, he ended up coming at 12:15 am on December 29th! So we are exactly 2 months apart!

In even better news, Mom has got a new job! YAYYYY! She is now going to be the director at the Nekoosa Library and will be working only 2 blocks away form home. No more long drive to work, no more 11 hour days on Saturdays, no more working on Sundays! She is so happy! And I'm happy too because that means I get to see mom during the day even. I don't have to go to daycare, and mom can come home to feed me!


This is me with three of my cousins: Ivy, Owen and Cedric. They pet my head alot. They are expecting a new brother any day now! My aunt Meredith was having contractions on Christmas. I got some toys and things were good. I got passed around a lot and cooed over. It was nice being the new baby at christmas!
Uncle Dave is holding me. I was so tired after being passed around like a flu virus. What no one knew at the time was that I was getting sick! Also, my cousins Andrew and Ben kept teasing me and saying I looked like Waldo from Where's Waldo. I told mom to tell them they were dating themselves....Waldo is so 90's...
Here's a picture of mom with my cousin Silas. He has a mouthful of soda. And he was really helpful in helping me open my presents. Grandpa said next christmas will be lots of fun with all the boys. Mom says she worries I might be torn limb from limb becasue the older boys get so excited, they're like a pack of wild coyotes.
Here's a picture of daddy, me and mom. I'm still really tired. plan to take over the universe....# 1. Look cute and vulnerable

Here's a picture of me with Grandma and Grandpa Engwall on christmas. Notice how well we color coordinate? We didn't even plan it!

Mi Vida Loca by Thomas A.

Yes, it is another post by yours truly, Thomas A. I have my mom/secretary take dictation and post my blogs for me.
As you can see. I like to dictate from my office chair/baby swing/neglect-o-matic.

Since my last post, I have been all over town with mom and grandma. The first month of my life, I went nowhere. Second month, there's not a store mom won't stop at! But, I never fact, even mom says I'm just about the perfect baby. Mostly I sleep when we shop. I am letting mom get all comfortable so she thinks she will be able to get away with this in the future, but she won't. Also, I have a deal with the big guy....I play the part of perfect baby now, thus luring mom and dad into thinking that another baby would be wonderful because I have been such a good baby. I already have my sibling picked out...s/he's just waiting in the wings... A real hellraiser and cries alot. But shhh! We don't want mom and dad to catch will ruin their surprise!

I got to go out for lunch at Country Kitchen....I've been getting pretty and I have run into grandma lots, which means lots of free lunches!

This is my in a contemplative moment. I am pondering the mysteries of the universe, and how amazing it is that I turned out so perfect, given the genetic material I had to work with. Mom calls it my "poop face". She is so crass....

I've been dealing with some nasty congestion (probably caused from mom dragging me all over town...) On the plus side, Auntie Jessica sent me some wonderfully cozy slippers, booties and a really warm hat. Too bad my mom has been too lazy to take any pictures so Jessica could see how cute things look on me. I really like the hat because it's so warm and soft. Everyone else at Grandma's house loved the little felted slippers. What can I say? I'm a well dressed baby.

Here I am wearing the boots Mike, Brett and Jonas Runge sent me from Deadwood, South Dakota. They're friends of mom's. Dad thought it would be funny to put the boots on me and pose me. Mom said I looked like some cartoon that used to be on Saturday mornings when she was a kid..."hanker for a hunk of cheese". I have no idea what she's talking about.
Later, I will write about Christmas and the new cousin who stole my birthday!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Babysitting with Aunt Diana

This is not my mom! (His baby acne is really bad...poor Tnut.)

Me and Aunt Diana.
Diana offered me Doritos and Captain's and Mountain Dew. I told he mom would get mad, so I drank my milk instead!

Mom's view on Mom A.

Well, he is growing lots! He is now 23 inches long, and about 9.5 pounds. He's growing so fast. I tell Eugene "I think it's time to work on another...he's not even a baby anymore!" Really! He's up for about 4 hours at a stretch now and he's looking all over. At night, his last feeding is at 1 am and then he will sleep until about 5:30am. So he's doing really good. The stomachaches and fussiness are gone now that I cut out the dairy products and all nuts. I really miss my morning peanut butter on toast. Eugene however, does not seem to miss me having it. He was disturbed by the fact that I would always lick the blade clean, a habit which also perturbed Adam and Jess.

He has also discovered his hands, but is still a bit of a spazz. He favors his left hand and arm and is constantly making the hand motion for party people everywhere to "get down". He has been working on his thumb sucking, but gets greedy and overly excited and tries to eat his hand.

On 12/8, Eugene and I went out to dinner for his birthday. My Aunt Diana came over to babysit for Thomas. I used to babysit for her boys, Andrew and Ben. She said he was a perfect baby, and it was a good thing we got home when we did because she was going to take him.

While we were out, Eugene made me call home to make sure everything was "ok". I told him Diana had raised two children, I was sure things were ok. I still had to call, because Daddy was worried.

It's been freezing out so T-Nut has not been out. He may be getting cabin fever. I took him to the laundry room yesterday and he was fascinated...."I've never seen this room before...what else don't I know?"

When he gets annoyed, he does his pteradactyl scream to let us know he is upset.

And finally, on 12/9 he gave me his first real smile!