Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Old Man Slippers

These are the wonderfully soft old man slippers that Auntie Jess made for me. I love them! Mom puts them on me when we go for walks at night, because these are the only things I CAN"T get off.

Here I am on my furry blanket playing with them. Mom said something about Jessica and her "not so subtle hints"... ;)
I like to chew on them...but these days I like to chew on almost anything. Last night (Monday) I was playing with my pacifier and I like to put it in the wrong way. Then I rolled over on my belly and was lifting myself up, but I got tired, so I fell. The pacifier got wedged in my mouth, and I was crying and choking. Mom had to work really hard to get the darn thing out, and I ended up getting the top of my mouth all cut up. Later, she was telling dad and she said something about putting the ER on speed dial

I love to play peekaboo. I like to hide so mom and dad can't find me. They look EVERYWHERE calling "Thomas" but I like to hide a long time to scare them.

I am doing "this little piggie" all by myself.

Me doing my "Uncle Adam" impression again. Next week, I think I will blacken a cork and give myself a moustache...
Whew!!!! I am tired! It's hard work being adorable.

What can I say? Mom's a bad photographer. She purposely takes pictures that make me look dopey.

Me in my big boy shirt before Ben's graduation. I am practicing my lizard tongue to show Ben. When mom watched him as a baby, his favorite look was "lizard tongue."

Here is my Uncle Tom on the left and my cousin Benjamin Thomas on the right. Uncle Tom and I are 49 years and 51 weeks apart. Both of them think I was named after them. Ben is going to go to the same school mom went to!

Here I am in the new gym. Even though it has A/C, no one turned it on! I was the best behaved baby there. I never cried or screamed or nothing. There was a mean mom who kept spanking her little boy and mom and her got into it, but my cousin Andrew stepped in and got my mom to be quiet. But not before she shot back to the mean mom "If you're overwhlemed call a hotline, or better yet, put him up for adoption."

When Ben was walking up to get his diploma, he even stopped to say hi to me! All the senior girls were totally checking me out and telling me how cute I am. I was the hit of the party!

I am now 31" loong and weigh 21 pounds. I wear 12-18 month pants and 18 m - 24 month shirts.

To Addie: It is not fair that your mom says you have a big head. I have a big head. My mom says it's because we have a lot of brains in there. Oh, and alot of grooves for all the smart alecs out there!

Lily: I'm sorry you had to get your appendix out! I know how much foot IVs hurt. But it looks like you were very brave and even walking on it! Wow! You are the girl of steel. Or maybe more like fiberglass. Or fiber optic cable. What I am trying to say is that you are small and wiry, but amazingly strong!

Signing off