Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Spinal Wiffleball?

Blood test results. So I had the quad screen done. Not sure if insurance will cover it, but I wanted to know if everything was okay. So after pulling out a huge tube of blood (I opted for the quad screen which seems to be a little more accurate) I got the results back today and everything came back normal! No Downs, no spina bifida, and to the best of my knowledge, the baby will be born with a face (a secret fear holdover from that darn Disovery Channel show).
I am greatly relieved. Everything should be okay know....starting to breathe....

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ladies and Gentleman...the "Eyebrow"

Here's Owen copying the "eyebrow look" I like to give! We took the kids to see Shrek 3 and Owen sat on my lap the entire time (mostly to get at the soda). Throughout the movie he kept rubbing and patting the belly and he would look at it and get a really weird smile. I wonder about that kid... At least he has relented with his authoritarian degree that I can have "1 Baby...that's it!". Now I guess I might be able to have two, provided I please the Glorious leader...

Here is the wedding dress that I am starting to doubt whether it will fit me or not.
The ring. Yes, I know it's blurry. It's the best i could do. And it took me a while to figure out how to post pictures, so you will have to read the Chang post to understand these better.

Yikes! I didn't think I looked like this from above....I thought I was concealing so well! Yup, it's time for maternity clothes. Or as my SIL so generously phrased it "With maternity clothes, you at least look pregnant. Right now, you just look fat." LOL ! Thanks so much!

Chang has left the building

So after weeks of deluding myself "I don't even look pregnant", I happened to catch a side view. And let my tell you, the side view is alot different than the above view. From above, I had a little belly. All right not a little belly, but a smallish belly. If I sat the right way, the rolls made a little face that I called Chang. (If your rolls are going to make a face, you need to name it.) Chang mostly liked ice cream and popcorn. Chang was also shy and could hide if needed.
Well, about two weeks ago, Chang went away and was replaced by a semi-solid mass. And as you can tell from the picture, this one is not shy. It's out and about and meeting people. I hvae yet to name it, but since it's expressionless (I can't make rolls anymore) it's been hard to find a name.
Although I think it was kind of neat I was able to conceal things pretty well, I guess the belly appearance has made the announcement for me. (Although it's still fun to say nothing and let people wonder if I'm getting fat or if I am pregnant....I'm going to miss that.)
Only four more days till we find out.
Oh, and if you look at the belly picture, look back over to the dress picture. How is that going to fit? I can be laced into it, but I worry if I do, I will squash the baby and when it's born, it will look like a corkscrew or a question mark. Seriously, it was a bit snug when I tried it on when I didn't know I was pregnant. I ordered a size up, but I didn't think I would pop this early.

Monday, May 28, 2007


Nothing new to note, just wanted Jessica to know that I FINALLY found my camera cord so I could upload pictures....

I thought you might enjoy the ring picture (even if it's blurry) and the belly picture. I included the wedding dress photo for reference...

So any bets on how I'm gonna fit into the wedding dress? I also posted a link to Jeri's new baby if you are curious....

Sunday, May 27, 2007

T Minus 26 Days

Well, I am getting married in 26 days! It doesn't seem like enough time to get everything done.
To add to the tumult, I need to go to work, finish making the preparations for the Summer Library Program (we have the largest program in the state after Milwaukee and's insane.) Usually I drop off the face of the earth from June through July. I'm not sure what is going to happen this summer.

So in addition to planning for a wedding, the summer reading program, and going to work, I am also pregnant. I have found that having a limited amount of time means a few things. First, no bridal shower which is okay because being the center of that much attention makes me uncomfortable. Second, I really can't obsess over wedding details, because there isn't time. Third, I've gotten better at delegating. Fortunately, Eugene is very good about taking a lot of things over.

We are also debating whether we should go on a homeymoon or not. It's not like we have a tremendous amount of money to sepnd, but we also realized if we don't go, we probably won't go for at least two years, by which time I could be pregnant again. So we really do have to go now.

So this weekend I am doing my Memorial Day duty of flower planting and poppy buying, cleaning house, getting stuff put together for a garage sale (not at my house) arranging to have a hot tub moved, and getting caught up on ironing. On Wednesday I go to Appleton to get my dress fitted. (Pray for me....I've only put on about 12 pounds, but it's ALL belly...), and on Friday, we get to go in for the ultrasound!

So the big questions looming are: Will the dress fit? Can we afford a honeymoon? Is the baby healthy? and Is it a boy or a girl? Eugene and I both think it is a girl. I haven't had any dreams or hunches, but it just seems like we will have a girl since we don't really have a name picked out. Not that a girl is bad. In fact, I think my mom is praying it's a girl....she's got a serious cases of the "buys" and she REALLLLLY wants to buy baby girl clothes. After all the boys, I can understand. Actually, it would be a good thing since it would mean that there would be a good chance Eugene and I would never have to buy baby clothes....

Buy a boy would be nice least we got a name picked out. So far three girls I know have had baby girls, so maybe it's a girl year.... but that is also why it would be nice to have a boy.

Eugene was commenting that if it was a girl, my mom would probably buy "I'm a little princess" shirts for her. And Eugene said that if that happened, he would buy a "I'm a Princess" shirt for himself. That way they could match.

Either way though, we will be happy as long as it is healthy!

So check back on Friday and maybe I will post what I find out!