Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Indecision 07

So I went back to the Dr. today and he did the membrane sweep again. This time he was much more "thorough" so we are all hoping that this will get things going. Despite walking all afternoon, and the baby kicking me the whole way (it took me about 45 minutes to get a block away from teh house, becasue I kept having to turn back to use the bathroom), there have been no contractions. Zip. Zero. Nada.

I did tell the good doctor that if something didn't happen by Thursday, I was going to start showing up in the parking lot at 8am every morning until he made something happen. He assured me he was on call, and if nothing happens by the 30th, he will induce. I am penciled in for an induction on the 31 if something doesn't happen by then. We are hoping the threat will provoke him....

That is something I am not crazy about. I've heard horror stories. One friend was recently induced, then got an epidural, then had to have a c section anyways. The nightmare trifecta. I would like to avoid a c section, as would my doctor.

I realize it seems as though I am impatient, which I am a little bit. Mostly, I've been having nightmares about him being late and something terrible happening. So I would rather have him out now and safe, then waiting for something to go wrong.

Monday, October 22, 2007


So I went to the Dr. last Tuesday, and he did the membrane sweep. Everyone was very optimistic that labor would ensure within 48 hours. I had some cramping, there were other "good signs" which I will spare the male reader of this blog. I called in to work, and we were READY!!!

I walked, I did housework, and then I laid down for a little while. And everything stopped. So I was left to beg, plead and cajole the man to do his husbandly duty. He got a green look, and declined. I told him I would get him liquored up and take advantage....he just laughed.

So there was no baby. So much for my plan to take early maternity leave! I had to finish out my work week.

Today, we went to court and we are now officially the "Allens". The judge asked us why we wanted to change out names, and when we gave our reason.."his father" "prison" and "20 years", he then asked why. So we told him why. He looked a little surprised, and then he granted our name change. He did ask why we didn't consider changing our last name to Engwall, which Eugene had to answer. "We wanted to be somewhat traditional and have her take an aspect of my name." The real answer was as Eugene puts it "I wanted to make an attempt to retain possession of my manhood."

Tomorrow we go back to the doctor for another membrane sweep. I am hoping this is the one that gets him out. I have all sorts of mental images of the baby in there, with a 5 O'Clock shadow, a pack of smokes, alcohol, guns, and ammo. He's holed up (pun intended) in there like a Branch Davidian. For while I tried playing loud music a la Manuel Noriega, but it didn't work.

For the first time I did have a very vivid dream about the baby. He was about 10 months old and I was trying to get him to say "mama" but he kept calling me "Dardita" which only annoyed me in the dream and amused him.

I am at the point where I would like this baby out. I have tried to lure him out..."It's warm, I'll have a warm blanket for you." "Baths are fun!" "All your cousins are waiting" "You are only getting about 8 weeks to be the center of attention, so you should come out and enjoy it before the new baby overthrows you." "Your dad promises that we will not let you get it whacked at." "He thinks every extra centimeter counts." "And the last one I had up my sleeve..."Boys like boobies. I will let you have em".

He does not seem to care about any of the above. He may have my diabolical streak and tendency toawards evil genius, but he clearly has his father's stubborness and/or procrastination gene.

We are so in over our head!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

T minus...

So I was rereading my posts and I looked back to this summer when I had 105 days to go. And how I thought it was so cute when the baby would kick and roll around. It was adorable. Now, the novelty has worn off. It was different when it was little tiny arms and legs. Now they are full size baby legs, and for lack of better terminology, it's a little gross. I can see actual feet. It was cool, but now there is no comfortable way for me to sleep, and when I finally do get comfy, he apparently is not. Which means he shifts around until he is comfortable, and I am not. We are developing an adversarial relationship.

Here are some updates which might explain why I haven't posted in forever.

We have gotten the baby room ready and all furniture assembled.
A friend of mine jushad a miscarriage, so I was talking to her alot.
I had my baby shower.
Still working full time, and have had people call in sick for the last two weeks.
Have gotten all my work done.
Had a flood at work and I had to coordinate the cleanup.
Weekly doctor visits!
Been getting the upstairs cleaned and organized and trying to streamline everything in the house so I can enjoy the baby.
Made a pumkin pie for the Bean.
Got the hospital bag ready.
Took my 4 nieces and nephews to the Giant Pumpkin fest. They were given new names to suit their personality and impact on my pocketbook: War, Pestilence, Plague and Destituion. They even answer to them.

What I'm trying to say is I have been crazy busy and dead tired at the same time.

I am also ready for this baby to come out.

In hopes of that end result, and because there is concern about having the baby get too big, hopefully, my doctor will do a little intervention on Tuesday to get things going. I hope it works..I am so tired of walking and walking and walking.....I have been having really good cramps and backaches, and when I was there last week, I was effaced 25% and dilated 1 cm, and the baby was engaged. I have been trying to get things moving by remaining mobile and moving. Please let my bishop score be about a 5 or 6....that's all I ask for.