Monday, June 18, 2007

Objects in shirt are larger than they appear!

Wow! I guess Ididn't even realize....I think it must be the shirt! And I'm not talking about the belly. Wow!

So we are now getting down to the wire. The dress still fits, I think most everything is done. I still have place cards and little stuff like that, but I think it will all be okay. We are going to Milwaukee on Wednesday for treats and to get away for a while. A weather update for you as well, it's supposed to cool down....upper 70's low 80's! So I might be okay ! (I was worried about passing out if it were hotter than that. I don't know for sure, but I thin it might be a faux pas to have the bride guzzeling Kool-Aid during the ceremony. Although if it were plain water, I could joke that it was straight gin....

On a down side, Meredith's little cousin Benjamin Heil is missing. He's 7 and autistic, and wandered away from home on Thursday night. The family immediately started looking, and called police. By Friday, they had about 300-400 volunteers, rescue units from about 20 communities, and the Black Hawks were up with thermal imaging. No luck yet. It's been really hot here (high 80's -low 90's) and it's all swamp and mire. So all the searchers have to wear long sleeves and pants. It just doesn't look good. They live right on the river, and there are so many swamps and creeks around. So I think that will be on a lot of people's minds on Friday. We are getting married about 1mile or so from where he disappeared.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

The bowling ball

Well, there's no doubt about it. I had a little belly before. Now I have a big belly. I mean, it gets in the way of things, but it has become a handy little can hold snack size candy bars, small books, and is a very good arm rest.

On the "not sure I should be scared to death" side, I got a call from my doctor and they want to do another ultrasound in July. This would make 3. 1 for the spottting in March (7 weeks) the one I just had, and now one in July. As to be expected, I immediately overanalyzed why I would need a second ultrasound. I had settled on "baby has no face" but later revised it to "baby has cleft lip and palate". So I called my doctor and he said the pictures were not as clear as he would like, so he's sending me for another one.

Is it because I have kick ass insurance that covers everthing? Maybe.

Is it because he knows I am a paranoid basketcase? Quite possibly.

So on July 9, I get to have another ultrasound, and I'm worried. I don't know of anyone else that had two in the second trimester....and he wants to wait because the baby will be more developed by that time. What is he looking for??

At least if it were something like cleft lip or palate, it can be fixed. Although I would prefer for that not to be the case, it is treatable. Spinal bifida, Downs....can't be fixed. I told Eugene "How about an extra toe? I could live with an extra toe...."

Of course, hopefully, I am worrying over nothing....

As for the belly, I am having serious dress fitting now. I mean there has been noticeable rounding since last week. I will try to get a picture today. Regardless, I am wondering how comfortable I will even be in the dress. It was snug last week, I think I will get some Spanx nylons and hope for the best. If I had am empire dress with less structure, I wouldn't have a problem, but this dress has a lot of structure built it. It was meant to look nice, not feel nice.....ARRRGH!

Anyways, in terms of size, I am now 140. Yes, I know, I probably have loads of sympathy coming in from around the world, but these numbers are uncharted territory for me. I've been eating pretty well, but I wanted to try to stay around the 150 - 155 mark. I think I've been indulging in empty calories....time to eat more fruit and dairy...(at least then it would be good weight)

Eugene said it best, it looks like I am trying to smuggle a bowling ball in somewhere. And unlike my previous jiggly belly, this one is solid. I still find it odd to think there is a little person in there, even though I did feel him somersault on Thursday....he either likes Usher ALOT, or he really dislikes him...judging by the kicks...

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Put your hand in the air like ya just don't care!

Well, here he is! Hopefully you all will be able to make out a baby profile. I OUTLINED it for my mom and she still doesn't seen anything. I mean, there is a very definite head and two arms. I guess it's like a magic eye book....

All the pieces are there.....too bad they didn't print the picture where his legs were crossed and he was sitting there like Buddha.

Friday, June 1, 2007


Well, I had my ultrasound today. After an HOUR of trying to find out what "it" was, they had to make an educated guess. "It" was doing the fig leaf, then the mermaid pose (legs tight together) and finally, sat crosslegged, indian style with both heels obscuring everything! Finally, they caught a glimpse, and they are reasonably sure it is a boy! Good heart,spine and lungs, has all the fingers and toes, and everything looks good. He's just shy....So it looks like we will have a Halloween baby named Thomas Cash!