Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thomas' 2 week checkup

He is a complete goon. This is his "normal" personality.
This is my boy and his "winning" smile. As you can see, he looks almost nothing like me anymore :( .
Lizard tongue! He has also discovered the art of the raspberry...
In the new and improved neglectomatic that Daddy bought for him.

So we went to see Thomas' pediatrician/gastroenterologist at Marshfield today. Many of you are familiar with my feelings toward that place. However, his dr. is wonderful. I'm talking neck in neck with the family doctor wonderful. First of all, he is very good about explaining everything and making sure you are comfortable and you don't feel rushed. Plus, you can tell he really likes working with kids. Thomas was just showing off. And, perhaps as a nod to the parents, he commented on how alert and inquisitive Thomas is. (He really is....he has much more patience than I do....)

So, the dr. gave him a once over (he's 99% for height) and gave us the test results. It does not seem as though Thomas has a milk allergy, but there might be some lactose issues. The biopsy results indicate the kid has some acid issues. Apparently, most babies don't really start producing much stomach acid until they are about a year old. Thomas is already there. He has some mild erosion issues in the stomach and irritation in the esophagus, which really surprised the dr. He said usually there are more symptoms, crankiness, etc. So, Thomas gets to continue his Prevacid for at least another 3 months and then we see how things are going. He does seem to be doing much better, not as much spit up, and he finally sleeps through the night. Poor baby, he had a sour stomach and heartburn for months. I think of how miserable I was when I was pregnant, and feel bad for little nut.

You know, when I was little my doctors had first names like John and William and Andrew. Thomas has doctors named Craig and Daryl and Floyd. I'm not kidding. If you told me those were the doctor's names before I met them, I might have passed. But they are all excellent. BTW, Floyd was the dr. who did the c-section.