Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Birthday and being a Limey!

So this is a longer blog! My belly has gotten bigger and he is measuring at exactly 32 weeks. I am a little surprised to have made it this far. I guess I have been spending the whole time waiting for the "other shoe" to drop. Odds are that we will have a baby soon. Still kind of hard to get my head wrapped around that one.

So I went to the doctor and he was doing a follow-up on my blood sugar and diet, and we found out I LOST 2 pounds. The baby is fine, and everything else is fine. ME. I'VE lost two pounds. Also, my iron was really low (despite the fact I have iron in my prenatals) and also my vitamin C levels were low. He compared this to all my other blood work and told me that my iron levels were always really good. He was also concerned about the vitamin c. So, long story short, I can drink OJ again, I can have craisins (in moderation) again, and I can eat more red meat again. Geez, I follow the diet the dietician writes out, and I nearly develop scurvy....

Just for the record, I know the pepsi isn't the best choice for me, but I tend to eat what I crave, and things have always been in balance for me. I crave a steak, I order a big one. I am thirsty for water, I drink water. This week, I can't get enough milk. We go through a gallon every two days here. That's a lot of milk for two people. And we only drink it, it's not used for anything else. So my doctor has advised me to go back to eating what I crave. He asked if I wanted or craved candy, and I said no, just fruit. Mostly citrus. So I was given the go ahead!

Only 54 more days till we have a baby, give or take. I went over to Jeri's and she gave me all of Aric's baby clothes. I won't have to buy any till the baby is 2!

Also, we went on our final big trip to Superior for Addie's birthday and we had lots of fun. It was nice to see Adam, Jess and the girls, but it would have been nice to be able to stay longer. Unfortunately, Eugene had to work the next day. It would be nice if he worked somewhere with more employees so he could actually get time off,but he is not covered by any federal or state laws concerning FMLA. We will be lucky if the baby comes a bit early, and he might actually be able to take two or three days off.