Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Picture Heavy

Enjoying a biter biscuit in the comfort of the it, don't wear it....
Helping mom with the laundry...most of which is Thomas' creation.
Thomas and his world Famous "Blue Steel" pose....
Ike taking in "Blue Steel"...

This is the three of us on our 1st wedding anniversary. One year already! On the plus side, although we are all a few pounds heavier, I think we are looking pretty good, given the roller coaster ride of the past year!
Thomas loves to hide under the furry blanket. All we have to do is throw the thing over him and he laughs for at least 1/2 hour. He also growls when he is under there. Something is wrong with the kid.
The best part is when Daddy or I peek underneath and Thomas scares us! That's freaking hilarious!
Hi all you people out there!
He is standing ALL THE TIME now. No crawling, won't roll over (unless he accidentally does it) but Thomas is all about holding on to things and standing up in the bouncy seat. Normally, we try to stay away from the "develope your kid's brain" stuff (it's a gimmick) but this was the only standing contraption that could accomodate his height.
We recently took Thomas to the zoo...there is a small petting zoo and he loved the cows and sheep. He also likes to go and feed the ducks because they come right up to you. As usual, everyone comments on how unbelievably good Thomas is. At times it scares me to think about having another baby, becasue I think we got really lucky with Thomas...he's such a laid back kid.
Over all things have been busy. I just recieved a $1500 grant for the Reach Out and Read program which will provide board books to all the children who are patients at the Nekoosa Clinic. I spoke with South Central Administration and hopefully, a pediatrition/librarian (yup...both) and I will be able to collaborate and develope a program for a future Library Conference about the success of the program in urban and rural areas. If it goes well at WLA, then I might get to present at ALA (oh...Wisconsin Library Association and American Library Association) So that's pretty exciting. Also, it's nice because finally, all the things I have wanted to do professionally over the years are finally being realized. What difference supportive administration makes!
Oh, and if anyone is looking for an addictive and quick read, try the Twilight Series by Stephenie's really good!
Circulation at the library has gone from 3000 a month to 5300...which is fantastic. No more bad teen problems (if I hear swearing, you are out for a week.)
Otherwise, there is nothing new on the horizon...I want another baby, but....there may be some seduction involved.


Badden Powel said...

I like the pictures, worth a thousand words. keep up the good work, full time mommy, full time master of Dewey-desimal, part time blogger. he should be working on his Eagle Scout in no time. That boy is gonna be huge.

brett "the quitter" said...

No wonder the kids hair is straight up! whats with the Vikings shirt in the background? thats it, if people have a Vikes shirt on in mid-wisconsin I quit!