Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thomas C. Sweet Potato Artiste

Mom was feeding me my "sweet taters uh-huh" (said in "Slingblade" voice) and I knocked some out of her hand and they landed in my tray. So I started to play with them...
Mom thought "Hey, why don't I just let him play with the sweet potatoes?" She knew I would play with them...but.....she didn't know I would take both hands, screech and then proceed to flail away, splattering sweet potatoes everywhere! When I was done, it looked as though there had been a sweet potato massacre!
The sweet potatoes had put up a noble fight, but I, Thomas Cash walked away from the melee a victor!
This was me two weeks ago when I first started to enjoy eating real food. I'm also sporting my stylish do the "Ryan Cabrerra".
Grandpa came over to visit the other night. I like to make him feed me. This is my favorite way to get my bottle. Daddy makes me hold the bottle myself, and then I cry. On the otherhand, I do have mom and Grandma and Grandpa E. trained well. When there is 2 ounces or less left, I drink REEALLLL SLLOOOWWW. I like to see how long I can make it last. Usually, about 14 minutes into the "operation" the person holding me starts to wimper. I like to go all "limp noodle" on them and see if they can keep holding me. Fron what I hear, it's hard work holding a 20 pound kid who is dead weight and stretched out.

By the way....did anyone notice I am almost as tall as Grandpa? heee heee heee!

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Cake- the band said...

"Be my sweet potato, be my honey lamb.
Dance around the campfire.
Dance around awhile"
Words to live by